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Ultimate Hockey Trivia Quiz

A hockey trivia game designed to test your NHL knowledge! 10 questions per game. Question pool currently has 500 questions.

Note: If the play again button does not load a new pool of questions, clicking refresh or clearing the cache on your browser should do the trick. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Ready to test your hockey trivia skills?

1. Who was the first team to put player names on the back of their jerseys?
2. Which player holds the record for most shootout goals in a single NHL season?
3. How many US-born players have led the NHL in points for a single season?
4. In a preliminary-round game of the 2014 Winter Olympics between the United States and Russia, how many shootout goals did T.J. Oshie score, leading his team to a 3-2 victory?
5. The NHL introduced which new division name during the 2013 realignment?
6. Which former player is not a member of the “Triple Gold Club”?
7. On March 11, 2000, which Toronto Maple Leafs player lost sight in his right eye after being hit in the face by Marian Hossa’s stick?
8. Chris Pronger played the majority of his career on which NHL team?
9. Who won the Calder Trophy in the 2005-06 NHL season?
10. What did WHA stand for?


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