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Ultimate Hockey Trivia Quiz

A hockey trivia game designed to test your NHL knowledge! 10 questions per game. Question pool currently has 500 questions.

Note: If the play again button does not load a new pool of questions, clicking refresh or clearing the cache on your browser should do the trick. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Ready to test your hockey trivia skills?

1. Name the speaker of these famous words: “Hello Canada, and hockey fans, in the United States and Newfoundland”.
2. Grant Fuhr holds the record for most points in a single season by a goaltender. How many points did he get to set this milestone?
3. Which NHL team did Wayne Gretzky coach after retiring as a player?
4. What year did the NHL begin tracking ice time?
5. Which goaltender won the Stanley Cup as a rookie with Carolina in 2006?
6. What does PIM stand for in hockey?
7. The NHL introduced which new division name during the 2013 realignment?
8. Who was the first player in NHL history to captain two different teams to a Stanley Cup championship?
9. In 2005, the Ottawa Senators traded forward Marian Hossa and defenseman Greg de Vries to the Atlanta Thrashers for which player?
10. I am in the Hockey Hall of Fame, was undrafted, entered the NHL at the age of 22, and put up 43 wins in my first season. Who am I?


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