A quick recap on the biggest NFL moments this year

There won’t be a better football season than the 2021-22 NFL season. The NFL playoffs were incredible, and the season included many shocking outcomes and monumental plays. Now that the Rams have won the Super Bowl, we have two months to wait before seeing any more spectacular football. As the focus moves to the NFL Draft, we take a look back at the past. The only things we had left to recall the last season by are the memories it left us with. The end of the season is almost here, so I thought I’d reflect on the incredible year we only had and share the five highlights with you.

66-Yard Field Goal by Justin Tucker

For a squad that was expected to make the playoffs, Baltimore had a rough season. They consistently played short-handed on both sides of the ball, betting, lost tight games, and were eliminated from postseason contention. A best-of-the-season performance by the Ravens will be remembered for years to come, and no amount of criticism can diminish the significance of the team’s historic play.

Because of his reliability and accuracy, Justin Tucker has long been considered one of the league’s best kickers. With a 91.1% career field goal percentage, he is first all-time. If you’re looking for a kicker, he’s the best there’s ever been. His previous career long was 61 yards, which was only two yards short of Matt Prater’s 64-yarder. The third week of the season, when Baltimore traveled to face the Lions, would be a turning point.

Jamal Agnew Scores A Stunning Kicking Six From 109 Yards Out

Jaguars supporters, you have reason to celebrate! Yes, your team stinks, and the turmoil that has surrounded it has been terrible to witness, but at least you have this play to show for your efforts. The 5-0 Cardinals are in town to play the unbeaten Jaguars. For the abovementioned Matt Prater, a mundane game may have a place in history. He planned to kick a 68-yard field goal to give his team a 10-7 lead going into halftime. However, Jamal Agnew was able to easily block his short kick.

Agnew returned the ball for 109 yards and a touchdown before halftime. The call from Gus Johnson was the one bright spot since it completed the circle and made everything better. The Jags ultimately lost, but that was 1 of the most entertaining plays we’ve seen in a while.

Cooper Kupp Enjoys The Greatest Season By A Wide Receiver In The History Of The Team Thanks To The Efforts Of Matt Stafford

The Rams have had quite the season. True, as reigning champs, it’s simple to say such a thing. In all seriousness, though, everything worked out quite well for them. The addition of talented players like Von Miller & OBJ has raised eyebrows throughout the league. They had 100% invested in it. Although the Rams gave up two firsts, a third, and a quarterback who had been to the Super Bowl Jared Goff in exchange for Matthew Stafford, it was perhaps the most pivotal move in the team’s history.

As the regular season comes to a close, Stafford has thrown for 4886 yards, 41 touchdowns, and 17 interceptions. Stafford and Kupp put together a memorable Super Bowl LVI-winning drive together. Matt Stafford won the Super Bowl after enduring adversity in Detroit for several years.