Archive: Gaborik dangles and nearly scores (2007)

I was able to find a fairly unseen clip of Marian Gaborik deking past two Vancouver defenders and almost scoring an incredible goal in the 2007-08 NHL season.

In the clip, Gaborik dangles the both defenders with two smooth side-steps causing one player to wipe out and the other to almost fall down as well. However, Gaborik’s shot was stopped by the Canucks goaltender.

What an amazing display of moves by the sniper, absolutely embarrassing opposing players!

Gaborik went 77 games that season and set a new career high in goals, with 42 on the year. He even had a memorable five-goal game on December 20th, and helped the Wild finish 3rd in the Western Conference. That’s the highest regular season finish they’ve had since entering the NHL in 2000.

And lastly of course, here’s a GIF.

Marian Gaborik dangles Vancouver in 2007