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Identifying the most underrated NHL players with analytics

It’s always interesting to find disparities between how analytics measure the talent level of a certain player versus traditional thinking. To name a few, Pekka Rinne, Kris Russell, and Rasmus Ristolainen are all players who many fans consider to be very good. However, a statistically driven analysis into these players … Read Full Post >>

Using goal share to adjust eras and determine the best goal scorer in NHL history

Ovechkin and Lemieux are both in the debate about the best goal scorer in NHL history

Who is the best goal scorer in NHL history? Three weeks ago I adjusted Alex Ovechkin’s goals to see how many he would have hypothetically had through the first 800 games of his career if he had played from 1979-89 (a high-scoring NHL era). I used a statistic I created … Read Full Post >>