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Ultimate Hockey Trivia Quiz

A hockey trivia game designed to test your NHL knowledge! 10 questions per game. Question pool currently has 500 questions.

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Ready to test your hockey trivia skills?

1. In the last decade, which US state has produced the most NHL players?
2. Three different players have scored over 80 goals in a single NHL season: Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux are two. Who is the third?
3. In the 1967 NHL expansion, Pittsburgh announced their new hockey franchise would be nicknamed the “Penguins”. Just days after – to poke fun of the flightless bird and create a rivalry between the two new clubs – Philadelphia nicknamed their new team the “Flyers”.
4. Who is the only player in NHL history to complete a playoff series comeback after being down 3-0 with two different teams?
5. Wayne Gretzky is the fastest player to become a member of the 1000 career NHL points club. He did it in just 424 GP. Mario Lemieux is the second fastest as he did it in 513 GP. Who is the third fastest player to join the 1000 points club?
6. How many NHL teams have a primary logo that has a human face on it?
7. How many games are there in an NHL regular season?
8. Paul Kariya and Teemu Selanne were teammates with the Anaheim Mighty Ducks for several seasons. But, which other team did they once play together on for one season?
9. Which former NHL player was known as “Foppa”?
10. Which player was drafted right after Alexander Ovechkin in the 2004 NHL draft?


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