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Ultimate Hockey Trivia Quiz

A hockey trivia game designed to test your NHL knowledge! 10 questions per game. Question pool currently has 500 questions.

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Ready to test your hockey trivia skills?

1. Name the speaker of this quote: “I’m okay. Russian machine never breaks”.
2. Chris Pronger was traded for this player twice in his career.
3. In 1942, which coach invented the “dump and chase” strategy to take advantage of Toronto’s slow defense in the Stanley Cup Finals?
4. In the 1967 NHL expansion, Pittsburgh announced their new hockey franchise would be nicknamed the “Penguins”. Just days after – to poke fun of the flightless bird and create a rivalry between the two new clubs – Philadelphia nicknamed their new team the “Flyers”.
5. Who holds the record for youngest player to join the “Triple Gold Club”?
6. Which year was Sidney Crosby born?
7. Who was the first Slovenian player to win the Stanley Cup?
8. Name the speaker of this quote: “Half of this game is mental, the other half is being mental”.
9. On draft day in 2001, the Ottawa Senators traded forward Alexei Yashin to the New York Islanders and received Zdeno Chara, Bill Muckalt as well as a second overall pick in return. Who did the Senators later select with that pick?
10. Which former player was known as “Big Bird”?


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