Brad Marchand hit by referee and knocked down during scrum

Screenshot of Brad Marchand getting knocked over by a referee

Game 5 of the 1st Round of the 2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs between the Boston Bruins and the Toronto Maple Leafs saw an unexpected turn of events involving Brad Marchand and a referee. The matchup at the TD Garden was intense and physical, with both teams fighting for dominance.

The funny incident unfolded during a heated confrontation between Bruins winger Brad Marchand and Toronto’s Pontus Holmberg. The two players were about to tangle in a scrum following the whistle after a sequence of tough battles, their tempers flaring in the heat of the playoff battle. In an attempt to break up the confrontation, a referee hit Marchand and knocked him down to the ice. Of course, the body check was unintentional, but still resulted in a funny NHL highlight.

Brad Marchand hit by referee and knocked down

Both players were assessed incidental minor penalties for roughing as a result of their original altercation. A few minutes later, the Boston crowd voiced their displeasure, echoing boos throughout the arena. This later escalated into a “ref you suck” chant. Despite this minor uproar, the Bruins and Leafs continued to battle fiercely on the ice, with every play underscoring the intensity of the playoff matchup.

This incident is just one of multiple strange physical altercations between the teams during the series. Just a few games earlier Max Domi knocked down Jeremy Swayman during a commercial break.

Ultimately, the game went into overtime, where the Leafs secured a win on a goal by Matthew Knies.

Brad Marchand has embraced the villain role throughout his career. While his agitative style has drawn criticism, it has also been a defining factor in his impactful play. Marchand has a history of emotional highs and lows. He cried after the Bruins’ loss to the Blues in the 2019 Stanley Cup Finals, much to the delight of those fans who dislike his playing style. His skill, determination, and style have made him one of the most impactful players in the league.

But for his haters, Marchand being hit by the referee was one of the best NHL highlights today.

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