Canada Post Reveals Awesome New NHL Stamps


With the 2014-15 NHL season just a week away, Canada Post has unveiled an impressive collection of hockey stamps. These stamps feature defensive legends from the “Original Six” teams: Bobby Orr, Harry Howell, Doug Harvey, Tim Horton, Red Kelly, and Pierre Pilote.

This release has generated excitement among hockey enthusiasts and collectors alike. Each stamp beautifully captures the essence of these iconic players who have significantly shaped the sport.

At the unveiling, Boston Bruins Hall of Frame defenseman Bobby Orr expressed his astonishment and honor. “I never expected anything like this,” Orr said. “None of us envisioned being immortalized on a stamp. It’s a tremendous honor to stand here in the great Hall and share this thrill.”

Orr’s response highlights the deep respect and pride that these players feel about receiving such a rare tribute. This honor not only recognizes their skill and dedication on the ice but also solidifies their legacy within the sport.

The chosen players are quintessential figures from the “Original Six” era. Their contributions transcended regular play, leaving a lasting impact on fans and the sport itself.

This stamp collection is more than just a nod to hockey’s past. It serves as a bridge connecting new fans to the legends who helped mold the NHL. As the new season approaches, these stamps offer a timely reminder of the sport’s rich history and the legendary talent that has graced the ice.

Collectors and fans will no doubt cherish these stamps, as they encapsulate the spirit and heritage of hockey. They also provide a unique way for fans to celebrate the sport’s legends, whose influence continues to resonate in the world of hockey today.

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