GIF: Columbus Goalies Both Trip on a Patch of Ice Just Minutes Apart


Columbus Blue Jackets goaltender Curtis McElhinney got the start tonight against the Washington Capitals as starting goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky remains injured. In the overtime period, McElhinney tripped in his crease and landed awkwardly on his left leg. He was forced to leave the game because of an injury he suffered in the fall.

Curtis McElhinney trips on ice and injures himself

Back-up goaltender Anton Forsberg entered the game and as soon as he entered the crease, he fell down in the exact same spot as McElhinney while warming up.

Goaltender Anton Forsberg falls on patch of ice

Luckily he was okay and the Jackets went on to win in a shootout. Columbus may need to hire a new Zamboni driver.

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