Equipment Manager Feeds Seguin Chocolate After Goal

In a hilarious moment following his go-ahead goal last night against the Vancouver Canucks, Dallas Stars forward Tyler Seguin was seemingly fed chocolate by an equipment manager on the bench. It initially looked like a Wunderbar. But now, most people are saying it’s a PowerBar, which does seem more likely.

This may remind some fans of the time Zdeno Chara drank Coca-Cola on the bench in the NHL Playoffs.

Seguin’s bench-side snack added an amusing twist to the intense game. Whether it was a sugar boost or just a quirky moment, it caught the attention of fans and commentators alike. The game itself was a nail-biter, with the Dallas Stars eventually securing a 4-3 victory in overtime.

The Stars celebrated their victory in style, but Seguin’s mystery snack might be the highlight that sticks in everyone’s memory.

As the Stars move forward in the season, fans will undoubtedly keep a closer eye on the bench for any more snack-related shenanigans.

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