GIF: Geoff Platt Scores Amazing Juggling Goal in KHL


Puck juggling usually appears in advertisements and skills competitions, where players showcase their flair. However, taking this skill into a game involves defying gravity and bold creativity. Some NHL stars like John Tavares and Alexander Ovechkin have succeeded and scored memorable goals. Others, including Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, have earned accolades for their attempts.

Recently, Geoff Platt of Lokomotiv Yaroslavl took this challenge to the next level during a KHL playoff game. Facing a defender, Platt managed to keep control of the puck. He then juggled it into the air and struck it into the goal in a spectacular fashion.

Is this amongst the best goals in hockey history?

Platt’s goal was not just a display of skill; it was a moment of hockey brilliance—one of the sport’s most impressive goals. His ability to maintain control and execute under pressure demonstrates his high skill level and inventive play.

This goal will stand out as a season highlight, celebrated for its originality and flawless execution. Geoff Platt has indeed shown what creativity and skill can achieve in hockey.

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