GIF: Kevin Bieksa Loses Tooth During Fight

Kevin Bieksa loses his tooth in slow-motion replay of fight

This could be one of the best slow-motion highlights in NHL history. Kevin Bieksa of the Anaheim Ducks loses his tooth during a fight with Mike Fisher of the Nashville Predators. The slow-motion footage captures the moment in vivid detail. You can actually see his tooth get knocked out.

Kevin Bieksa’s fight is a prime example of the physicality and determination that define NHL athletes. Despite losing a tooth, Bieksa continued to play, demonstrating the grit and tenacity that hockey players are famous for.

NHL players are known for their dental injuries and missing teeth. In 2010, Duncan Keith of the Chicago Blackhawks lost seven teeth after taking a puck to the face in a playoff game against the San Jose Sharks. Keith returned to the game, helping his team secure a victory and eventually win the Stanley Cup.

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