GIF: Victor Hedman With an Assist of the Year Candidate

Victor Headman makes assist pass to Stamkos

Last night, the Tampa Bay Lightning delivered a dominant 7-1 victory over the Montreal Canadiens. Leading the charge was Steven Stamkos, who netted a hat-trick, dismantling Montreal’s defense in the process.

The highlight of the game came during Stamkos’s second goal, where he capitalized on an impeccable cross-ice pass from defenseman Victor Hedman. This assist, marked as one of the season’s best, showcased Hedman’s exceptional playmaking ability. It also solidified his position among the league leaders in assists, bringing his season total to four.

The game not only highlighted the skill of individual players like Stamkos and Hedman but also underscored the Lightning’s collective strength and strategic execution. Such performances indicate that the Lightning are serious contenders this season.

The NHL’s decision to remove the “two-line offside pass” rule during the 2004-05 lockout has undoubtedly enhanced the speed of the game. This change has paved the way for more dynamic and spectacular plays, evident in Hedman’s assist to Stamkos.

With franchise cornerstones like Stamkos and Hedman leading the way, the Lightning demonstrate that they have both the talent and the determination to make a deep playoff run. Tampa Bay opened the season at +1400 Stanley Cup odds, the 7th highest in the league. Their ability to execute such high-level plays could make them a strong bet.

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