GIF: Vladimir Tarasenko Scores Highlight-Reel Goal

Vladimir Tarasenko scores amazing goal against Rangers

Vladimir Tarasenko may have already scored the best goal of the 2014-15 NHL season during a game against the New York Rangers. This extraordinary play occurred midway through the second period, highlighting Tarasenko’s exceptional skill set.

The play began at center ice, where Tarasenko took control of the puck. Demonstrating both speed and agility, he sped past the halfway mark, directly challenging the Rangers’ defense. His series of rapid, fluid maneuvers allowed him to split the defense effortlessly. Each opponent attempted to intercept, but Tarasenko’s swift movements kept them at bay.

As he approached the goal, only goaltender Cam Talbot stood in his way. At this point, just finishing the goal with a normal shot would have been spectacular. But Tarasenko took things one step forward and secured the goal with a classic one-handed Forsberg-esque finish. The goal was his 7th of the season.

Tarasenko’s ability to maintain puck control while executing a series of complex moves is what sets this goal apart. The finish, executed with a casual one-handed touch, added an extra layer of finesse to an already stunning play.

As the season continues, this goal will undoubtedly remain a highlight. Just less than a month ago, a Victor Hedman highlight-reel pass made a strong case for the assist of the year. Now, Tarasenko’s goal is likely to be a favourite for goal of the year.

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