GIF: Zdeno Chara with the Biggest Dive of the Playoffs

Zdeno Chara diving in 2014 NHL Playoffs

Boston Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara drew significant criticism for attempting to draw a tripping penalty on Montreal Canadiens forward Brendan Gallagher. This incident occurred during a critical faceoff, and Chara’s actions have sparked discussions among fans and analysts.

The Incident

During a tense moment in the playoff game, Chara exaggerated a fall in an attempt to draw a tripping penalty on Gallagher. The embellishment was obvious and quickly became a talking point. As the captain of the Bruins and a former Norris Trophy winner, Chara’s actions were particularly disappointing to many, although not surprising to those familiar with his past behavior.

Consequences of the Dive

Ironically, Chara’s attempt to deceive the officials backfired shortly after. Less than ten minutes later, he inadvertently deflected the puck into his own net, contributing to the Bruins’ 3-1 loss to the Canadiens. This self-goal was a turning point in the game and added to the scrutiny Chara faced for his earlier actions.

Elimination for the Bruins

The Bruins’ loss to the Canadiens resulted in their elimination from the playoffs, with Montreal advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals to face the New York Rangers. The incident with Chara not only affected the outcome of the game but also cast a shadow over the Bruins’ playoff run. Fans and analysts criticized the team’s reliance on such tactics, calling for a focus on fair play and integrity.

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