Goaltender Mike Smith Scores an Empty Net Goal

In a stunning moment, Phoenix Coyotes goaltender Mike Smith scored a goal with just 0.1 seconds left in the third period. He struck the empty net, becoming only the 11th goalie in NHL history to score a goal. This feat ensures his place in hockey highlight reels for generations.

Smith has etched his place into history. He is now one of the few answers to the hockey trivia question asking which NHL goalies have scored goals. This remarkable event is rarer than a perfect game by a pitcher in Major League Baseball. Such goalie goals are extraordinary in the National Hockey League.

Goalies often make headlines for mistakes, yet they also achieve incredible feats. Mike Smith’s goal exemplifies this. His action not only secured a victory but also showcased the thrilling potential of NHL games.

This achievement not only highlights Smith’s skill but also underlines the unpredictability of hockey. It shows that even goalkeepers can take center stage in scoring. Smith’s accomplishment will serve as an inspiration for future goalies and a reminder of the dynamic nature of the sport.

Fans and historians alike will cherish this moment. It is a testament to the excitement and the unexpected turns that make hockey a beloved sport worldwide.

It’s fitting that Smith, known as one of the best puck-handlers in the league amongst goaltenders, will be able to finish his career with a goal.

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