GIF: Grabovski Makes Creative Self-Pass and Nearly Scores

The Toronto Maple Leafs secured a narrow 2-1 win over the Boston Bruins in Game Five of their first-round series. The victory was pivotal, but it was Mikhail Grabovski’s inventive play that stole the spotlight and captured the fans’ imaginations.

During the first period, Grabovski executed a move rarely seen in professional hockey. He cleverly flipped the puck over the net to himself, bypassing defenseman Johnny Boychuk in a smooth maneuver.

Despite his quick thinking and agility, Grabovski couldn’t get enough force behind the shot. Goaltener Tuukka Rask made the save, and even if the puck had entered the net, officials might have ruled it a high-stick. Replay showed Grabovski’s stick was likely above the crossbar when he made contact. This bold move could have added a spectacular goal to the playoff highlights reel.

After the game, Grabovski shared insights into his thought process. “I’ve seen a few guys try it in practice,” he noted. “My dad always said, ‘Just try to surprise the goalie from behind.’ It was a great chance, but ultimately, I didn’t score.”

Mikhail Grabovski self-pass versus Bruins in playoffs

Even though it didn’t result in a goal, Grabovski’s effort was a demonstration of the high skill and innovation that he brings. The self-assist almost goal may have had the chance to be one of the best NHL goals ever scored.

Fans and commentators alike praised the attempt for its audacity and innovation. While the Maple Leafs continue their quest for the Cup, moments like these underscore the unpredictability and excitement of NHL playoff hockey.


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