Is College Hockey Affected by Sports Betting?

There is no doubt that sports betting has become hugely popular in the United States over recent years, with more and more states jumping on board since the Supreme Court overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act 1992. This was overturned back in 2018, and since then many states have pushed to get sports betting legalized, with many having succeeded already.

For sports fans, this has provided a whole new world of entertainment, with many heading to retail sportsbooks at brick-and-mortar venues to enjoy some excitement and place bets. Many others place bets on their favorite sports and team via online sportsbooks in states where this is legalized. Sports betting is an activity that continues to grow in popularity, but what does it mean for college hockey?

NCAA Not a Fan of Sports Betting

When sports betting launches began after PASPA was overturned, there were many sporting groups and organizations that were not happy. For instance, when it was announced that New Jersey would be pushing to legalize sports betting, a number of major sports leagues decided to lobby against this including the NHL and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

Since that time, the NHL has done a complete U-turn and is now a big supporter of sports betting. However, the NCAA has not changed its mind about college sports betting despite the fact that there is so much money in it. This means that in states such as New Jersey and New York, betting on college hockey is not an option While sports fans can enjoy betting on their favorite professional sports and teams, the same cannot be said when it comes to betting on amateur athletes in college hockey and other college sports.

This is not to say that the NCAA does not hold college hockey and sports events in areas where sports betting is legal, because this is not the case. However, placing bets on these events is not allowed even if sports betting on professional sports is legal within the state. New Jersey, for example, banned wagering on college sporting events taking place within the state in order to appease the NCAA – this included placing bets on college teams that are from the state and playing elsewhere.

There are similar rules in place in New York, so those who are keen to place bets on college hockey teams that are from the state will not be able to. Likewise, no bets on college hockey or other college sports can be placed on any events that are taking place within the state.

Steering Clear of Sports Betting

The way in which college hockey is affected by sports betting is through the NCAA’s reluctance to embrace sports betting. Of course, this does not have any impact on where these teams play – as mentioned earlier, the NCAA has no problem having college teams playing in states where in-person or online betting is now legalized.

Some believe that while the NCAA might not like sports betting and does not want to get on board with it, living with it is something that it will have to get used to. Many also speculate on whether things may change in the future. Over the past year or so, we have seen more and more states either launching sports betting or putting it on the agenda with the hope of legalizing it in the near future.

If this continues, it is difficult to predict what might happen in terms of betting on college hockey and other sports in years to come. Unlike the NHL, it doesn’t look like the NCAA is in any rush to embrace it just yet.

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