Jake Oettinger’s Goalie Stick Makes the Save of the Playoffs Without Him Holding It

Jake Oettinger's stick robs Connor McDavid of a sure goal

During Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals, Dallas Stars goaltender Jake Oettinger‘s stray stick made the save of the playoffs on Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid. The save is one of the most unusual moments of the 2024 NHL playoffs.

In a tie game, Connor McDavid found himself with a golden opportunity to score. He received a pass and tipped the puck towards what seemed to be an open net. McDavid started to raise his hands in celebration, certain he had scored. However, Oettinger’s stick, which was lying on the ice, blocked McDavid’s shot right on the goal line. The puck hit the stray stick and deflected away from the net, leaving McDavid looking skyward in disbelief. Game of inches.

We have truly had some unbelievable goal line saves in the 2024 NHL Playoffs.

The save left both fans and players in shock. McDavid, known for his composure and skill, was visibly frustrated by the missed opportunity. Despite this setback, McDavid later redeemed himself by contributing to the Oilers’ comeback in the series.

Oettinger Not Credited with the Save

Ironically, the save of the playoffs may not even go to a goaltender. According to NHL.com, the save by Oettinger’s stick was recorded as a missed shot by McDavid, rather than a save by Oettinger. Seemingly, a goaltender must be holding onto their stick when making a save for it to be recorded as such.

Oettinger's stick save was not recorded as a save according to the NHL

Oettinger’s stray stick save will undoubtedly be remembered as a one of the craziest and bizarre highlights of the 2024 playoffs.

The Oilers went on to win the game 5-2 to tie the series at two.

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