Los Angeles Kings Purple Jersey Concept

Los Angeles Kings purple jersey concept in EA Sports NHL

For 20 years, the Los Angeles Kings sported uniforms that featured a distinctive purple and gold color scheme. They were the first uniforms the Kings wore when they joined the league in 1967. These jerseys are some of the most memorable in hockey history, and not for the wrong reasons like the infamous “Burger King Jerseys”.

Furthermore, the choice to have purple and gold jerseys was made to match their local NBA team, the Los Angeles Lakers, with whom they shared an arena. Recently, using NHL 14’s custom jersey feature, I’ve created a modern twist on the original Kings jerseys. Let’s discuss some pros and cons of adopting an all-purple jersey for the Kings.


Symbolic Significance: The color of royalty would be a fitting choice for a team named the “Kings.” The regal connotation aligns perfectly with the team’s identity.

Uniqueness: Purple stands out as a bold choice that no other NHL team currently uses as their primary color. This uniqueness could set the Kings apart visually and enhance their brand identity.

NHL teams colour wheel

Historical Roots: Embracing purple would not only be a nod to the team’s own history but also a distinctive trait among NHL teams. This could rekindle a sense of nostalgia among long-time fans and attract new ones drawn to its vibrant and unique appeal.


Recent Success in Current Colors: The Kings have experienced considerable success recently. They won the 2012 Stanley Cup, in their current palette of black, grey, and white. A drastic change might alienate fans who see these colors as part of a winning legacy.

Polarizing Opinions: The original purple and gold uniforms received mixed reactions. While some fans cherish the bold look, others prefer the more subdued current colors. Reintroducing purple could divide the fanbase.

Purple Los Angeles Kings Jersey Concept

To give you a better idea, here’s a quick mock-up featuring forward Anze Kopitar and defenseman Drew Doughty donning the proposed all-purple uniforms.

Purple Los Angeles Kings jersey concept of Anze Kopitar & Drew Doughty

The decision to reintroduce purple jerseys involves balancing historical homage with modern brand identity. As the Kings continue to build their legacy, the choice of uniform color can play a pivotal role in uniting or dividing their fans.

What do you think? Should the Kings consider a return to purple? Or should they continue to build on their recent successes with their current colors? Let us know your thoughts!

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