GIF: Pavel Datsyuk Dangles Logan Couture

Logan Couture falls to the ice after a move by Pavel Datsyuk

The Detroit Red Wings found a silver lining during their 2-0 loss to the San Jose Sharks last night. Despite the defeat, a moment of brilliance from Pavel Datsyuk stood out, providing a memorable highlight for Red Wings fans.

With just over twelve minutes remaining in the first period, Datsyuk delivered a masterclass in puck handling that left the audience in awe. The veteran center showcased his renowned skill by outmaneuvering Sharks forward Logan Couture with a series of slick maneuvers.

The highlight-reel moves by Datsyuk left Couture down on the ice. Couture, celebrating his 24th birthday, found himself outplayed on the ice, a testament to Datsyuk’s craftiness and timing.

Pavel Datsyuk dangles Logan Couture

This move not only electrified the crowd but also earned a spot in the growing collection of NHL “ankle breaker” highlights, a category reserved for the most jaw-dropping dekes and dangles that leave opponents at a loss.

Although the night ended in a loss for the Red Wings, Datsyuk’s play was a reminder of the sheer talent and excitement that individual players can bring to the game.

Couture reacted to the Datsyuk dangle on social media afterwards.

Logan Couture reacts to Pavel Datsyuk breaking his ankles

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