Photo: New 2016-17 Toronto Maple Leafs Logo Revealed

New 2016-17 Toronto Maple Leafs logo

After teasing it for several days, the Toronto Maple Leafs officially revealed their new logo during an episode of “The Leaf” tonight. As speculated, the logo is a modernized version of the one used during the 1938-39 season.

For years, fans have expressed a desire for the Leafs to return to one of their classic logos. The new design pays homage to the team’s history while incorporating subtle updates. You can see the new 2016-17 Toronto Maple Leafs logo above, and below is the logo from 1939 that inspired the redesign.

Toronto Maple Leafs logo 1939

The changes to the logo are not drastic but include several notable updates:

  • A darker shade of blue.
  • A longer, thicker stem at the bottom of the Leaf.
  • A cleaned-up and centered font.
  • Minor adjustments to the shape of the Leaf.

Chris Creamer’s Sports Logos has provided a detailed breakdown of the differences between the new and old logos.

Brendan Shanahan, the Leafs’ President, commented on the redesign: “I thought it was important for us to get back to the story of why we became the Maple Leafs. There are some subtle changes to the logo, but for those who thought we were going to look for some radical changes, we weren’t.”

The logo, designed by Reebok, will debut in the 2016-17 season, coinciding with Toronto’s centennial celebrations. The team also plans to introduce new uniforms next season, which, like the logo, will feature only subtle changes. Fans can expect a classic, simple design in line with the updated logo.


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