Tarasenko’s One-Handed Forsberg Move Denied by Swayman

Tarasenko nearly scores on one-handed deke in 2024 NHL Playoffs

Vladimir Tarasenko attempted the iconic one-handed “Forsberg” move on a breakaway against Boston Bruins goaltender Jeremy Swayman. Known for his ability to execute this move with precision, Tarasenko found himself one-on-one with Swayman and decided to go for a spectacular finish.

As Tarasenko skated towards Swayman, anticipation filled the arena. Fans watched closely as he deftly maneuvered the puck, preparing to pull off the daring move. However, Swayman was ready. The young goaltender stayed composed, tracking Tarasenko’s movements closely. When the moment came, Swayman made a quick and decisive move, extending his pad to deny the attempt.

Tarasenko Known for Attempting the “Forsberg”

This wasn’t the first time Tarasenko has attempted the “Forsberg” move. He has had several successful tries in the past, making him one of the few players who can consistently pull off this challenging maneuver. His past successes have added to his reputation as one of the most skilled and creative forwards in the NHL.

Tarasenko scored on the move in a spectacular highlight reel goal against the Rangers in 2014. He also had a successful attempt at the move just last year against the Senators.

Despite the failed attempt, Tarasenko’s effort was a highlight of the game. It showcased not only his creativity and boldness but also Swayman’s sharp reflexes and poise under pressure. Moments like these are a testament to the high skill level and excitement that NHL games bring to fans.

In the end, the Bruins emerged victorious, but Tarasenko’s almost-goal will remain a memorable moment. Swayman’s save is sure to be featured in many highlight reels, demonstrating that even the most skilled players can be stopped by a well-prepared goaltender.

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