The 3 Worst National Hockey League Uniforms Ever Made

Los Angeles Kings ugly "Burger King" jersey

Hockey jerseys have undergone significant transformations, transitioning from the classic wool knitted jerseys to today’s polyester, flexible, water-resistant uniforms designed by Reebok. As the NHL celebrates 96 years of history, some uniforms have missed the mark.

These jerseys serve as reminders that not all experiments in sports apparel are successful. Nevertheless, they have left an indelible mark on the history of NHL uniforms, remembered more for their notoriety than for their style.

The uniforms in this list only include those worn in regular season games. Here are the three worst uniforms ever worn in the league.

Illustrations by Andrew M. Greenstein (The unofficial NHL Uniform Database).

3. New York Islanders 1995-97 Jerseys

For most of their history, the Islanders stuck with orange, blue, and white uniforms featuring the classic NY logo, making only minor tweaks. However, in 1995, the team implemented drastic changes not only to the color scheme but also to the logo. Consequently, the result, a very ugly jersey, was widely criticized. Dubbed the “Fisherman” jerseys, these uniforms remained in use for three years, much to the dismay of fans who found them less than appealing.

New York Islanders ugly "Fisherman" jersey

2. Anaheim Mighty Ducks 1995-96 3rd Jerseys

The Anaheim Mighty Ducks’ “Wild Wing” third jerseys were a short-lived experiment. Introduced in the 1995-96 season, the ugly jersey featured an unusual design with a jersey graphic on the jersey itself. The response was overwhelmingly negative, leading to their quick retirement after just a few games. This design is often remembered as a misstep in NHL jersey design.

Anaheim Ducks ugly "Wild Wing" jersey

1. Los Angeles Kings 1995-96 3rd Jerseys

Even Wayne Gretzky, known as the greatest hockey player of all time, couldn’t make these jerseys look good. The Los Angeles Kings uniforms, infamously known as the “Burger King” jerseys if this obscure question ever comes up in a hockey trivia quiz, were named for their logo that resembled the fast-food mascot. They only lasted only one season. The design was so maligned that it is often cited as one of the most infamous jersey designs in sports history.

Los Angeles Kings ugly "Burger King" jersey

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