The 5 most dramatic hockey goals of the last decade

Hockey has featured some really dramatic moments throughout history. Here are, in my opinion, the five most dramatic hockey goals from the last ten years (in no particular order). Remember to click on the GIFs so you can also watch the videos.

5. “Can you, believe, what we, just saw!”

In a regular season game against the Edmonton Oilers on January 4, 2007, Stars forward Patrik Stefan made an enormous blunder that will forever be in the all-time hockey blooper reel. In a desperation move to score a goal and tie the game, the Oilers pulled their goalie.

With 15 seconds left, Stefan stripped Bergeron of the puck, and had a breakaway, with no goalie, and no defender in sight. He missed the wide open net and fell down. The Oilers came the other way and Ales Hemsky scored to make it 5-5 with a mere two seconds remaining in regulation in a spectacular turn of events.

Stefan’s contract expired the same year, and the Stars chose not to resign him, making this one of the last NHL games he ever played.


4. “Off the floor, on the board!”

In Game Six of the 2003 Stanley Cup Final between the New Jersey Devils and Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, midway through the second period, forward Paul Kariya was knocked unconscious after a huge hit by Devils defenseman Scott Stevens: one of the most iconic hitters in the history of the game.

The medical staff was ready to take Kariya to a local hospital, when he decided he wants to return to the game. With just two minutes left in the same period, Kariya came in and rifled a slap shot past goaltender Martin Brodeur.


3. “We are going back to Tampa Bay!”

Overtime and facing elimination in Game Six of the 2004 Stanley Cup Finals, Martin St. Louis scored a clutch goal in front of the net to keep the Lightning alive for a seventh game.

Tampa Bay went on to win that final game for franchises’s first ever Stanley Cup, stunning the Flames and the entire city of Calgary.


2. “17 seconds!”

With less than two minutes left in the third period, with the Boston Bruins up 2-1 and on the verge of forcing a Game Seven in the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals, the Chicago Blackhawks came back and shocked the team, scoring two goals and going on to win the Stanley Cup.

Bryan Bickell scored with 1:17 left to tie the game. Then just 17 seconds later, forward Dave Bolland scored the game winner.


1. “The Golden Goal!”

Canada. USA. Overtime. Sidney Crosby. Gold Medal. Could it have been scripted any better? Sidney Crosby wins the Gold Medal for Team Canada at the 2010 Winter Olympics in overtime.

Probably the biggest goal he’ll ever score, and dare I say the biggest goal in Canadian hockey history (ahead of Henderson)?