GIF: Tomas Hertl Scores Crazy Through-The-Legs Goal


Tomas Hertl of the San Jose Sharks made headlines by scoring four goals against the New York Rangers. If you’re on top of your NHL trivia knowledge, you’ll know that this made him the youngest player since 1988 to score four goals in a single NHL game. His fourth goal, a daring through-the-legs shot, sparked widespread controversy.

This was just Hertl’s third career game. The goal made it 8-2 for the Sharks.

Tomas Hertl Through-The-Legs Goal Ignites Controversy Across the NHL

Many fans applauded Hertl’s creativity and audacity, celebrating his skillful display. However, some traditional hockey analysts and seasoned fans viewed it as disrespectful. They contended that such a flamboyant move by a rookie, especially for his fourth goal of the game, was inappropriate.

Despite these criticisms, the Sharks triumphed with a 9-2 victory, advancing their season record to an impressive 3-0. Although the team celebrated their win, Hertl’s bold goal became the primary focus of discussions, overshadowing other game highlights.

It’s important to note that Hertl is not the first Shark to execute a between-the-legs goal. Jonathan Cheechoo achieved a similar feat back in 2004. Nevertheless, the reaction to Hertl’s maneuver has highlighted the tension between maintaining traditional hockey values and embracing the sport’s evolving creativity.

Tomas Hertl through-the-legs goal against the Rangers

This goal has not only sparked debate but has also become a potential defining moment in Hertl’s career. His blend of exceptional skill and daring play has attracted both admiration and criticism, positioning him as a notable figure in the NHL.

It has also led to countdowns of some of the other most memorable through-the-legs NHL highlights.

Moreover, as the Sharks prepare for their upcoming games, the discussion surrounding Hertl’s goal continues to stir the hockey community. It serves as a reminder of the dynamic and ever-changing nature of professional sports, where innovation can sometimes clash with tradition.

This incident underscores the passionate debates that define hockey culture today. Whether viewed as a moment of brilliance or an act of disrespect, Hertl’s goal will remain a significant topic in the annals of NHL history.

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