Video: NHL players show off their skills with GoPros

The National Hockey League appears as though they are taking another step forward in the utilization of GoPro cameras. Today, they released this amazing GoPro captured footage of NHL stars showcasing their talent.

In case you didn’t already know, the league partnered with GoPro in September so they could deliver cool videos like this regularly.

Hockey fans have already been able to see some amazing point-of-view footage over the past few months through the Rogers Ref Cam; which is basically a GoPro mounted onto an official’s helmet.

But this latest video, unlike the others, features some of GoPro’s more advanced cameras, including the GoSwivel.

For the upcoming weekend’s all-star festivities, the NHL will be delivering even more content like this. Many of the players will be wearing these for the Skills Competition on Saturday, and the All-Star Game on Sunday. I can’t wait!